Rate Contracts

Items of Rate Contracts on Behalf of Government of Maharashtra:

The Government of Maharashtra vide Government Resolution dated 2nd January, 1992 has reserved certain items to be exclusively purchased through MSSIDC.

To increase your sales, MSSIDC provides assistance to eligible units under the marketing assistance scheme.

Procedure -

You have to be a registered unit with MSSIDC. If you are not a registered unit, apply for registration by contacting any of the MSSIDC's Offices near you.

To finalise the Rate Contract, MSSIDC invites tenders through advertisements. Tenders received in response are scrutinised and the lowest rate is submitted to the Stores Purchase Committee, Government of Maharashtra for approval.

After the approval, the eligible Unit submits the Letter of Intent (LOI) to supply the item and is awarded the rate contract. The Government Department places orders directly with the respective Division or Branch Office where the consignee is located. MSSIDC distributes the order amongst the Unit/s as per MSSIDC's norms. This enables smaller units to participates in the growth opportunities.

Sr.No. Particulars
1 Rate Contact for supply of Rcc Pipes Plaine ended 2014-15
2 Rate Contract for supply of Steel Furniture Spray paint 2014-15
3 Rate Contact for supply of PVC pipes 2014-15
4 Rate Contact for supply of computer Furniture 2014-15
5 Rate Contact for supply of Air cooler 2014-15
6 Rate Contact for supply of Water Storage tank 2014-15
7 Rate Contact for supply of ploythene Bag 2014-15
8 Rate Contact for supply of Steel furniture Powder Coated 2014-15